Custom Application Hosting

We do that Everyday.
From design, build to deployment and support.
Tailored, High Availability, High Performance Cloud
Powered solutions with Expert Local Support in Australia.

The Cloud Your Way

Managed by our Expert Team.
Tailored Hosting Solutions
Backed by our round-the-clock Expert Technical Support.

Real-Time Replication

Applications, Website Code, Databases
Replicated across multiple locations in real time.
Live, transparent reporting so you can see how we're travelling.

Cloud Computing with Off-Site Backups

Data, Tapes and critical business information backed up daily, securely transported off-site from our DataCentre facilities.

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Cloud Services

Software as a Service Tailored to suit, Powered by Cloud365.


Software as a Service Tailored to suit, Powered by Cloud365.

Cloud Computing Australia

Fully Managed Cloud Computing Solutions with Expert Local Support.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate Creation, Deployment and Renewal As A Service.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Replication of applications for Load Balancing and Disaster Recovery.

Custom Software

Administration, Maintenance and Support of software and systems.

Domain Names

Registration, Configuration and Management of Domain Names.

Content Delivery Network

High Performance image, graphics and audio content delivery.

Hosted PBX

Full PBX functionality for business without equipment costs.

Hosted Exchange

All the power and features of Microsoft Exchange As A Service.

Spam Filter

Spam Filter and Virus Protection powered by mxProtect.

About Cloud365 Australia

Cloud365 Australia is a merger of multiple organisations to create a dedicated team of cloud computing specialists.
Our team has expertise across all aspects of cloud delivered technologies including design, build, deployment, support and maintenance.

We build and manage custom cloud solutions for applications, portals, high availability platforms and mission critical systems.

Cloud365 specialises in tailored infrastructure across data centres in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

Cloud Application Delivery

Cloud applications enable reliable, prompt delivery of specialised applications, websites and portals through leading industry vendor platforms including Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, Hewlett Packard, IBM and EMC.

Best of breed application platforms remove the requirement for legacy equipment and reduce infrastructure expenditure through utilising only the infrastructure required with the ability to scale up and down as required.

We create tailored cloud-delivered applications deployed across multiple geographic areas via region independent infrastructure, providing real-time replication and failover for Disaster Recovery and production application load balancing.

Cloud Services

When you need scalable, purpose-built infrastructure without capital expenditure costs, Cloud365 delivers a variety of pre-configured and cloud enabled services including Content Delivery Network (CDN), Hosted Services such as Microsoft Exchange, Telephony, API Tools, Mail Spam and Virus Protection, Online Data Backup.

All our services are monitored, managed, and backed by round-the-clock Expert Technical Support.

Support and Maintenance

Cloud delivered applications and services need specialist support.
Our team provides round-the-clock expertise for all aspects of systems which we design, deploy and manage.

We assist customers everyday with activites from simple administrative tasks through to load balancing, clustering, online systems maintenance without production service interruption, disaster recovery and vendor engagement for application issue resolution.

Our dedicated team of expert technology professionals are here to assist.
Escalation path via direct Account Manager and senior staff contact provides peace of mind.

Connect with Us

We love connecting with customers and solving challenges of all sizes.
You don’t need an account manager, project director, delivery committee, complex application or any other special requirement to connect with us. Customers engage us everyday with no cloud computing experience.

Maybe you have an idea or concept to discuss, we can assist with expert advice and design recommendations.

Connect with our team via the Contact Us page on this website, we’re ready for your success.


Read more about our team, projects and see the activities across our organisation at our blog.

We’ll update and share with you some stories and challenges we’ve delivered for customers.