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Why Use SSL to Secure Sensitive Data?

The main reason for using SSL to maintain the encryption of sensitive data transmitted via the Internet is to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to decipher and comprehend it.  This is important, as all data that you send online travels from one computer to another in order to reach the final destination server.  Any computer between you and the final server can see usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, and other such sensitive data that is not encrypted with SSL certificates.  When SSL certificates are used, the data becomes undecipherable by anyone except the server to which you send the information.  This protects the data from identity thieves and hackers.


Proper SSL certifications provide authentication in addition to encryption.  This means that you may rest assured that your information is sent to the correct server and not one that belongs to a criminal.  Why does this matter?  The Internet’s very essence means that your customers will frequently send data via multiple computers.  Any one of them could impersonate your own website, thereby deceiving your site users into sending the impersonator their personal information.  Using a Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) is the only possible way to avoid this, along with getting an SSL certificate from a reputable SSL provider.

The importance of SSL providers

Trusted SSL providers will not issue SSL certificates unless a company is verified by going through multiple identity checks.  Certain kinds of SSL certificates like EV SSL Certificates require a higher level of validation than do others.  How do you know whether to trust an SSL provider?  You may use our SSL Wizard to compare SSL providers [link] included in the majority of web browsers.  Manufacturers of web browsers verify that SSL providers adhere to specific practices and have undergone third-party auditing that employs a standard such as WebTrust.

Use SSL to Gain Your Customers’ Confidence

Web browsers generate visual cues like a green bar or lock icon to advise site visitors of a secure connection.  This means that visitors to your site will have more trust in your site when they see such cues and will therefore be more likely to patronize your online business.  SSL vendors can also provide you with a Seal of Trust that further instills your customers’ confidence.

PCI Compliance

You should also know that you cannot take credit card information via your web page unless you have passed certain audits like PCI Compliance, that require a valid SSL certificate.

SSL safeguards against phishing

Phishing e-mails are sent by criminals who attempt to impersonate your website.  Such emails typically include a link to their own website or employs a middle-man ploy in order to use your own domain name.  As it is extremely difficult for such fraudsters to get proper SSL certificates, they cannot impersonate your site perfectly.  This means that your site users will be much less likely to be deceived by a phishing attack because they will look for indicators of trust, such as the green address bar, but will be unable to find it.

We can provide, install and automatically renew SSL certificates including basic and premium SSL with Extended Validation certificates. (More on how SSL certificates work here)

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