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Benefits of a Spam Filter

You probably already know about the fundamental advantages that spam protection offers for your business e-mail accounts.  Efficient spam filtration conserves staff time, which in turn boosts overall productivity.  And, of course, it greatly simplifies the process of checking your e-mail.  A high-quality spam filter also safeguards against a congested e-mail server and misrouted valid electronic communications within piles of junk mail.

But many firms choose to manage their anti-spam protection via in-house IT personnel.  Some business people believe this is cheaper, while others feel it is more reliable.  Still others merely fail to consider the thought of enlisting third-party assistance in the battle against unwanted bulk e-mailings.  Outsourcing your firm’s spam filtering needs offers many many key benefits, however.

Savvy businesses understand that anti-spam protection is an investment – not merely an ordinary overhead cost.  Outsourcing spam filtration can maximise the returns on this investment.

The internal IT department will not need to devote time to tasks that could otherwise be easily handled otherwise.  This means that they may concentrate on more essential job duties that directly impact the company’s day-to-day operations and overall success.  Moreover, a firm may avoid tying up its IT resources in anti-spam and other e-mail-related troubleshooting issues.

By employing an outside spam filter service provider, your company can preserve capital and optimize the efficiency of internal systems.  Assuming responsibility for your own spam filters entails more the consumption of more scarce storage space, and much more CPU effort .  This latter factor may severely delay PC functions, since all of the processing necessary to filter spam is a 24-hour task.  Your business is also most likely paying yearly subscription dues as a part of self-managing its own e-mail security.

Outsourced anti-spam protection is usually much more efficient than are in-house solutions.  Also, leading spam filters (Cloud365 & mxProtect) do not require any administration by you.  This means that you may eliminate the headaches associated with staying current on the latest blacklists, wordlists, threats, and other aspects of the ever-evolving war on spam.

An added bonus of outsourced spam filtration is that it is readily scalable to suit your needs, unlike most self-managed systems.  A firm’s own spam filter devices are typically not designed to handle floods of incoming e-mail like those seen in distributed denial of service attacks.  E-mail security systems that are managed externally are constantly stopping spam onslaughts without disrupting ordinary e-mail delivery, slowing down or halting internal systems.

The most crucial benefit of a third-party spam filter service, however, is the enhanced e-mail security that professionals can provide.  A sophisticated spam filter blocks even the latest viruses and malware threats in ways that very few in-house systems can even come close to matching.  Malware threats delivered via spam introduce various hazards into internal systems.  A few examples, PCs may be linked to botnets, a firm’s proprietary data may be compromised, as can the personal data of customers and other individuals with whom a company deals.  Outsourced e-mail security may also offer superior protection against the latest targeted phishing scams.

Although any company is definitely correct to make anti-spam protection a priority and view it as an investment rather than a mere cost, it is shortsighted to regard internal efforts as the best means of fighting spam.  Outsourcing spam filters enables companies to realize far greater ROIs on anti-spam investments.  A business will be able to allocate its available resources for more urgent matters.  Most importantly, the company will enjoy much more e-mail safety and security.

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