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Save Money On IT Infrastructure With SaaS

In the past, business owners had no choice but to pay the high costs associated with buying, building and maintaining an IT infrastructure.

SaaS now offers another option. Companies can subscribe to a service and plug into a shared infrastructure online.

This model is growing more popular due to the benefits to companies regardless of size and industry.

Here are the reasons customers are starting to turn to SaaS for IT infrastructure solutions:

Increased Adoption Rates

Access SaaS applications from any computer or device with internet connectivity.

With so many people using the Internet to search for resources, SaaS applications have increased adoption rates and are easy to learn how to use.

Reduced Up Front Costs

A subscription to SaaS applications means decreased initial costs when compared to license fees.

Save on costs for software, hardware and IT specialists to manage systems.

Easy Upgrades

SaaS providers (Cloud365) are responsible for all upgrades and updates, eliminating the need for worry about installing or downloading patches. Never stress about adding bandwidth, configuring software or hardware as customers and users increase.

Cloud365 provides a fully managed cloud computing solution for custom software and applications.

Seamless and Effortless Integration

Cloud365 SaaS includes the ability to scale almost indefinitely according to demand,  via our Cloud365 multi-tenant and dedicated infrastructure architecture. Benefit from access to customisation capabilities according to individual need.

No boxed solutions, Cloud365 provides tailored and custom cloud computing solutions fully backed by our Expert Technical Team.

Why SaaS is So Popular with Business Owners?

More business owners are turning to SaaS solutions to reduce the cost of customer acquisition and simplify platform deployment. Developers can use a single version of a SaaS application to support multiple customers. This is known as multi-tenancy and provides organisations with the opportunity to adapt to changing needs without the need to add IT staff or replace infrastructure.

SaaS by Cloud365 allows your business to deliver software on demand.

Our team can design, deploy and manage software systems, so you don’t have to.(Click here for more info on SaaS)

We have experience with simple, single server centric applications, through to multi-server, multi-site, clustered software platforms.

Talk to us about delivering your software from any or many of our cloud computing facilities in a SaaS model.