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How NaaS is changing network Infrastructures.

Cloud365 allows your business or project to deploy infrastructure quickly and efficiently with our Network As A Service (NaaS).

Network as a Service (NaaS),during last year emerged as an extremely interesting approach for the enterprise business sector. In essence, the NaaS model makes the traditional existing approaches to business connectivity, which provides rigid settings for bandwidth, service and routing characteristics, no longer the ideal.

Customers of NaaS are allowed the opportunity to connect as required, with options for scaling their service provisions upwards or downwards as is necessary.

The many advantages of this approach includes flexibility, as the traditional models do not allow for easy introduction of new applications to any network currently existing.  Clients require the ability to access data quickly, which may not be provided by the traditional model. The newer NaaS model, based on tailored requirements, provides the customer with a range of services which can be scaled, to allow you to budget for a per-Network user model.

There are additional infrastructure benefits too, as a NaaS provision should include well-defined security and class of service options to wrap around the service.

Network bandwidth, equipment and routing services across multiple countries and regions is possible via our cloud delivered platforms. (Here is how it works: )

Deploy and present website content such as images, videos and audio quickly from geographically placed infrastructure throughout Australia New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

Our service is ‘location aware’ and delivers the most efficient, optimised network service to customers and platform visitors.

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