Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Full PBX functionality for business without equipment costs.

Cloud Services

The simplicity of Hosted PBX

The complete management of all communication services is guaranteed by using the hosted PBX solutions highly qualified voice specialists (Cloud365). There are huge benefits and premium service delivered using hosted PBX solutions with the added advantage of low capital investment and zero maintenance costs.

Single System for Staff across Locations

Hosted PBX ensures that staffs across offices, locations and mobile are always on using a single phone system. High productivity combined with low operating costs and efficient business communication is achieved by hosted PBX.

Dedicated Network

The backbone of the reliable hosted PBX is the dedicated private access using the Cloud365 Geo-redundant platform. This Cloud365 network ensures there is absolutely no downtime, with all disaster recovery mechanisms built-in. This results in high quality, reliable and stable service.

Superior HD Voice Quality

Separation of voice and data by the Cloud365 network over private dedicated channels leads to high optimization without downtimes and no loss in service performance. HD Voice feature in all hosted PBX phones gives sound and clarity at the highest level.

Cloud365 Hosted Telephony delivers Hosted PBX services for businesses of all sizes, from a ‘one man band’ to many sales and administration staff across multiple locations or even multiple countries, our telephony platform as a service provides everything you need to connect and communicate with customers.

You don’t need equipment, software or PBX programming skills.

Our team can design an effective telephony system to receive calls via landline, mobile phones, toll free numbers and more. (Wikipedia explains how it works here)

We can route calls, take messages and email voicemail messages through to your desktop or mobile device.

Telephony has never been easier with Cloud365 Hosted Telephony As A Service.

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