Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

All the power and features of Microsoft Exchange As A Service.

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Benefits of a Hosted Exchange

Following are several key advantages of Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

These include, but are not limited to:

Rapid payback

IT studies conducted during the last three years that explore hosted exchange solutions found that many users estimate a ROI in excess of 1000 percent, within less than 30 days. With on-site solutions, you must pay for hardware and licenses for Windows and Exchange Servers.

Other common expenses associated with anti-spam and anti-virus programs and client access licenses (like Microsoft Outlook) may also be incurred. Other costs also stem from administrative staff overtime, maintenance, and spare parts. This is especially common if you need 24/7 reliability.

Indeed, the long-term expenses associated with server maintenance typically add up to far more than initial acquisition costs during the server’s useful lifespan.

Hosted Exchange, however, carries no advance capital commitments for hardware, infrastructure, licensing, or recurring IT costs. Thus, investment returns are realized immediately.

Higher Productivity Increases

Productivity enhancements of Hosted Exchange are frequently very substantial. Hosted Exchange clients frequently attribute such gains to:
1) Outlook Web access from anywhere at any time and wireless messaging from any Windows or Blackberry smartphone; 2) shared files, contacts, and calendars; and,
3) capability to refocus IT resources on primary business objectives.

No Scalability Issues

Scaling an on-site Exchange environment often entails buying additional servers or having to upgrade software or hardware. Hosted Exchange users may eliminate such expenses merely by adding extra e-mail mailboxes as the need arises.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

The better Hosted Exchange providers (Such as Cloud365) have designed and built their networks in a way that minimizes e-mail downtime. This means secure, geographically disperse data centers that are able to guarantee 99.9 percent network uptime.

In simple terms, this means that your e-mail is available at all times.
It also means that your provider manages all upgrades and security patches that are necessary to maintain a smooth-running network.

Re-allocate Your IT Resources

You may devote time and other scarce resources to performing the various daily tasks required to maintain an in-house network and hardware system operating smoothly on a 24/7/365 basis, but why should you?

Hosted Exchange solutions enable you to concentrate technical staff on central business issues in order to maximize your revenues and overall profitability.


Another major advantage of Hosted Exchange is its pricing model.
The charge for this hosted service is typically based on a flat fee per user per month. This makes the budgeting process much easier and streamlines your cashflow, as you need not be concerned about having to depreciate costly upfront capital expenditures.

E-mail Account Management

The best Hosted Exchange vendors (Cloud365) provide a simplified web-based management portal that enables you to manage your Exchange environment directly — without needing to have extensive technical expertise.

Your internal administrators may set up new users easily and perform tasks such as routing e-mail authorisations with just a few keystrokes.

Mobile Messaging

Many Hosted Exchange accounts are easily upgradable to include real-time e-mail synchronization, calenders, contacts, and tasks via your Windows or BlackBerry smartphone. This enables you to always be connected – regardless of where the job might take you.

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