Frequently Asked Questions about our Infrastructure, People and Services.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve packaged up some of the common questions asked by customers.
If there’s something you need know and can’t find it here, please get in touch with our team.

What is Cloud Computing ?

We describe Cloud Computing as elastic, robust computing capability with the ability to scale up and down as required to suit a specific requirement or outcome.

For example, you may be an SMS provider requiring additional server CPU and network bandwidth for a campaign.

We provide this scalability as required for peak activities, whilst allowing a return to normal platform configuration once the additional CPU and bandwidth is no longer required.

What is Managed Cloud Computing ?

We deliver a complete end to end solution for customers who would rather have our expert team manage and maintain their cloud computing platforms.

Cloud365 can manage all aspects of applications, portals, websites, databases, connectivty and more. We administer systems, schedule backups and perform scheduled maintenance. Platform maintenance is three times per week between 11pm – 4am AEST or by arrangement depending on your requirement.

Our team also interacts with vendors and third party parties to complete maintenance activities, upgrades and scheduled projects. Cloud365 offers a turn-key platform solution with process, support and detailed systems monitoring.

What is a Cloud Compute Farm ?

At each datacentre facility, we offer customers a range of server infrastructure capability, delivered as an elastic computing platform.

Farms of servers across multiple locations teamed together deliver infrastructure, storage and bandwidth to customers.

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Why do I care about Cloud Computing ?

The cost of maintaining physical infrastructure such as servers, storage, network bandwidth and electricity to power operations is increasing in cost.

Cloud365 provides the ability to turn on and utilise only the services you need, saving on capital expenditure for idle infrastructure, maintenance and support costs associated with the operation of equipment not being utilised to it’s full economic capacity.

Put simply, Cloud365 delivers infrastructure, storage, bandwidth, maintenance and support so you don’t need to buy hardware and maintain it. Instead, these costs are available for investment in other areas such as projects and staff.

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Who is Cloud365 ?

Cloud365 is a merger of multiple organisations operating in Australia and New Zealand.
The parent company em3 People and Technology was founded in 1999 and operates from Queens Road, Melbourne.

Cloud365 New Zealand is a merger of New Zealand Webhosting Network Limited and Cloud365 New Zealand.
The parent organisation was established in 2007 and operates from Parnell, Auckland.

Our technical teams are located in both Australia and New Zealand, with diverse skills including architecture, design, build, deployment and management of infrastructure and systems.

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How can cloud computing benefit my business ?

Cloud365 reduces, and in many cases removes the requirement to purchase and maintain infrastructure.

Our platforms are purpose-built and fully managed from design through to technical support and systems maintenance.

This frees your business from the burden of designing, selecting, deploying and maintaining equipment in order to deliver services for customers.

Can I rent a cloud host for a short period of time ?

Yes, whilst this is certainly possible, it is often more effective to design for longer term cost savings.

For example, an infrastructure design constructed today would continue to provide cost savings into the future as our infrastructure is upgraded at no cost to customers.

Can I expand or reduce my cloud computing requirements after migration ?

Yes, many customers begin small, often with a single instance and small CPU, storage requirement. Once demand increases we provide more processing, storage and infrastructure as required.

Cloud365 grows with your business without requiring a commitment to scale or purchase additional licenses, software or services at any time. Buy only what you need.

How much processing power can I have ?

Cloud365 allows as little or as much as you need.

Please note some applications will need to be either “cloud aware” or designed for cloud computing environments to take full advantage of server farm processing characteristics.

Talk to our team if you have a legacy application or are not sure. In many cases we can redesign or reconfigure applications to operate more efficiently in our cloud computing environments.

How much storage can I have ?

Cloud365 storage is powered by EMC and IBM.
We can provide as little or as much storage as you need.

What types of applications can I run on the Cloud365 platform ?

We have customers with diverse types of applications and custom business software operating across our cloud computing environments.

From single server web applications to multi-site portals and customer platforms with CDN and tailored configurations, many applications are easily adapted.

Can I run Oracle databases on the cloud ?

Yes, you can run Oracle databases on Cloud365, however for high performance / high transaction applications we recommend physical database infrastructure to run alongside your cloud VMs.

This design will provide far better database transaction performance under pressure.

Will I have control to restart my cloud hosts ?

Yes, we do provide some customers with the ability to restart and shutdown their own cloud segments. This is determined and agreed as design phase. Ask about enabling Cloud Control applet in your Signed In portal area.

Are my cloud hosts and services monitored ?

Cloud365 Network Operations Centres (NOCs) are located in Melbourne and Auckland, where infrastructure, systems, applications and services are monitored for availability and performance.

We provide additional monitoring and statistics information via your Cloud365 Customer portal.

How to I get help with problems I don't know how to resolve ?

Our team manage and support a wide variety of systems and software every day.
Chances are we’ll either know how to help or we can find a team member or vendor who will be able to assist.

Can my cloud server instances be backed up ?

In most cases, yes, however some applications require different backup methods.
Backup, replication and Disaster Recovery is determined at design phase for your deployment.

Where is the Cloud365 infrastructure located ?

Cloud365 infrastructure is located in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

What Operating Systems do you support ?

Cloud365 supports most variants of Linux/UNIX, Solaris and Windows Server Operating Systems.

What is pre-launch inspection ?

During design phase, we create a simple checklist for technical and administrative tasks, which are then cross-checked and signed off together with customers.

This assists with smooth deployments. Our team also work with external testing resources such as customer staff, load and security testing organisations.

I just want to rent a VM in the cloud. Can I load it up and go live ?

Cloud365 is a Managed Application Service Provider.
Every application and platform in our care or on our infrastructure is supported and managed by our team.

If you have an existing design or the new requirement is simply an extension of an existing design, we are more than happy to assist with prompt deployment and access to VM instances.

I want to utilise a VM for mail broadcast. Can I do that with Cloud365 ?

Cloud365 provides purpose-built solutions for mail broadcast including mail relay capability, delivery reporting and interfaces to third party message routing facilities.

Does Cloud365 provide DDoS Protection ?

Cloud365 facilitates DDoS Protection via our partners and proxy service providers.
Talk to us if this is a requirement for your application or platform.