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Content Delivery Network

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An Inside View Of A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cloud365 accelerates your image, video and audio content delivery.

Using a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) is essential for providers of content who desire to enhance the overall accessibility of their content to consumers.  This has become even more significant since Google released new updates that reward sites with capability to load content rapidly.  Thus, in addition to increasing websites’ access speed, CDN also increases availability of content.  Following is a description of numerous other benefits that a Content Delivery Network offers all high-bandwidth web hosting clients via Cloud365 Content Delivery servers.

Lower Server Loads

Content delivery networks utilise strategically-placed servers to enhance backbone capability of the network.  Such placement lowers server loads in private and public peers, backbones, and interconnects.  The cumulative effect of all these benefits is freed-up capacity for other customers and users.  Therefore, many website visitors are able to access content and information with improved performance.

The Cloud365 Content Delivery Network is geographically located across the Asia Pacific region with additional nodes in Europe and the United States.

Quick Content Delivery

CDNs place servers as closely as possible to entire groups of users.  The purpose of this process is minimising latency and packet loss, as data travels shorter distances in order to reach visitors and customers.  This explains why users of CDN websites do not typically experience speed lags while streaming media.

Asset Delivery Control

CDN technology providers may deliver load statistics on a real-time basis, supply active region displays, monitor popular regions, and optimize individual customers’ capacities.  This tremendous control over asset delivery and load is critical for clients because usage logs and stats are normally deactivated once the server source has been added to the content delivery network.

Less Redundancy

Without a content delivery network, site-crippling server failures and malfunctions occur much more frequently.  With a CDN, this threat is reduced because the user will be immediately redirected to an alternate server, thereby increasing site operators’ uptime.  This is made possible due to the distribution of servers throughout diverse geographical locations.  More on the impact of Content Delivery Networks here:

Integrity of Data

CDN ensures more consistent data with a higher level of integrity.  This is made possible due to instant updates of information that is reflected to different servers. Website operators always want to keep their site users up-to-date with the most recent content available to maintain maximum relevancy.  A content delivery network assures them of the ability to accomplish this without undue hardship.

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