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Advantages Of Cloud Computing in Australia

Software As A Service (SaaS), “The Cloud”, “cloud computing” are all terms we constantly hear in business and technology environments.

The reality is that the CIO’s role has changed in a way that makes it very difficult to ignore cloud computing.  Today’s CIOs no longer have sole responsibility for IT management.  Instead, they must now support total business growth by reducing expenses and spearheading innovative efforts to create strategic advantages.

Reducing costs AND driving innovation – That IS a lot of pressure.

Cloud computing is the solution that’s readily available to assist. By implementing Cloud-based solutions, companies can reduce overall operating costs and convert from a fixed expense scheme to a variable expense scheme while freeing up vital IT resources who can then become dedicated resources for innovation and other business driven initiatives.

Unlike conventional on-site software programs and systems, cloud applications have remote locations and oversight, and are built with single code-base that is customized to suit a company’s specific needs.  Cloud-based programs also differ in that the Cloud service provider — not the customer — has responsibility for software maintenance, bandwidth, and operations.  Finally, Cloud applications can usually be accessed via regular Web browsers, which provides the customer with greater agility and scalability, all without requiring additional equipment and software.

Below are the half-dozen major benefits of Cloud Computing:

More rapid response to unforeseen events

Cloud deployments take location planning and capacity out of the customer’s hands.  Instead, the cloud vendor, in this case Cloud365 Australia, can assist with responsiblity for these services and features.  This aspect of cloud computing enables businesses to quickly respond to any unexpected changes that may arise, as operations are managed by Cloud365 Australia.

Easier to acquire the greatest and latest updates

Australian Cloud Computing provider, Cloud365, can handle all software updates and renewals which occur several times per year usually at no extra cost to customers.  This benefit ensures a user interface that remains current and in-line with business demands, often customisable to specific requirements such as navigation menus and service options tailored to customer needs.

Quicker and Simpler Adoption

Users can access Cloud-based applications via ordinary Web browsers from anywhere, at any time.  Using web-style user interfaces such as those of Apple enables much more widespread adoption throughout the company without having to conduct in-depth personnel training.

Enhanced data security

A primary criticism advanced by skeptics of Cloud computing is the concern over sacrificing data security when proprietary business data is allowed to exist beyond the internal firewall.  According to SuccessFactors, however, data security actually increases when Cloud computing solutions are employed.  This occurs due to rigorous ISO security standards that govern Cloud providers, in addition to their regular security audits.  This means that clients need not worry about malicious hacking threats or losing laptops or other mobile devices that contain confidential information.

Deployment speed reduced from years to months or even less

Time-to-value ratios of cloud computing solutions is substantially lower than those of on-site applications.  A cloud solution “go live” typically requires 2 to 3 quarters, often less; whereas, on-site solutions consume much longer time frames up 1 to 2 YEARS to implement.  Not only is implementation time reduced, but IT resources required to roll out Cloud-based solutions are much less since Cloud365 Australia can partner with and provide resources to assist with deployment projects and initiatives.

Reduced risk with subscription-based cost model

With a pay-as-you-go subscription-based pricing scheme, cloud computing services require less upfront investment and much lower overall costs than on-premise solutions.  Moreover, cloud computing solutions offer an “easy exit” if the client is not completely satisfied with the product.  Thus, the cloud vendor assumes most or all of the business risk – not the actual user.

Enhanced strategic agility, shorter deployment time, reduced costs and risks — cloud computing advantages are truly compelling.  Nonetheless, firms continue to struggle with the decision of whether or not to purchase cloud-based solutions.  Such hesitation often causes them to miss out on a massive business opportunity.

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