Acceptable Usage Policy

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revision 3.2, 1 June 2013.


Engaging with, using services from, or ordering services from Cloud365 Australia and/or em3 People and Technology is subject to your compliance with our Acceptable Usage Policy.

The Purpose of our Acceptable Usage Policy

By visiting this website and/or using or purchasing goods and/or services from or through this website, you agree to be subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy and all applicable laws for your country, state and territory. We may revise this Acceptable Usage Policy from time to time, without notice, by updating this website page.

Good Intention

Customers, employees, contractors and any other parties connected with the usage or consumption of services from Cloud365 Australia and /or em3 People and Technology must utilise good intent and honesty in all dealings.

Prohibited Uses

You must not utilise our services or infrastructure to:
a) electronically deliver spam or unsolicited communications;
b) conduct illegal activities or infringe on the rights of other parties. This includes data theft, unauthorised physical and logical access or control of infrastructure, software and systems to which you are not entitled;
c) violate or allow the violation of copyright, patents, trademarks or intellectual rights of any party;
d) offend, abuse, insult, slander or cause harm to another party;
e) interrupt, impair or intercept the services of another customer or party;
f) conduct or allow conduct of activities that violate the law.

Customer Content Disclaimer

We make no guarantee as to the content of any customer website and it’s liability. We do not monitor the content of customer websites or applications and as such accept no liability or responsibility for content published by clients.

Violation of Copyrighted Materials

Where it is believed the copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property has been infringed, the offending party must first be contacted. In the event resolution is not able to be reached, please contact our Support HelpDesk where a technical staff member will record the details of any complaint for escalation and remedy. Spam and unsolicited communication complaints may also be raised via the same HelpDesk Support portal.

Resolving Complaints

If we receive a complaint, our staff will always attempt to amicably resolve between parties where applicable and where we are legally able to do so.

In the event we cannot resolve a complaint, we may, at our sole discretion, take one or all of the following actions:
a) Provide a warning notification to our client;
b) Temporarily remove the complaint content from infrastructure in our control (where possible);
c) Suspend or disable a service or application;
d) Terminate a service or application;
e) Notify our client for further action if and as required.

Lawful Interaction

On request from law agencies or under legal enforcement, we will affect services and provide information to authorised third parties under any legal requirement to do so.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions about our Acceptable Usage Policy, you can contact us via our website or telephone. View our Contact Us page on this website for further contact information.