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Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing Technology has reached a new high, and Cloud365 is at the cutting edge. Cloud365 is a purpose-built cloud computing environment, deployed across multiple datacentres located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

Each cloud location is both independent and integrated, allowing for deployment and operation of software and services in a load balanced, clustered or stand-alone configuration.

Network connectivity is divided into test, staging, production and backup VLAN segments, allowing our cloud delivered solutions to be connected with selected audiences or the public internet as required.

Customer solutions are tailored to meet specific design and operational requirements, from simple single site applications to multi-site internationally load balanced platforms with CDN for image, video and audio content delivery.

Our Multi-Cloud capability allows for integration with third party cloud services for service delivery in locations where we do not maintain infrastructure. This enables cloud delivered solutions to be delivered in other regions or locations in the same way they are delivered here in the Asia Pacific.

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Cloud Computing Technology Infrastructure Features:

Technology Platform Features:

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